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Dynamic Layer 2 & Layer 3 Capabilities

TransPAC3 will provide hybrid network services, providing both dynamic layer 2 capabilities and layer 3 routed capabilities. TransPAC2 has already implemented dynamic circuit networking support with L2VPN over its SONET circuits, but will transition to Ethernet with the new project.

At layer 3, TransPAC3 will support, from the beginning of the project, IPv4 unicast and multicast and IPv6 unicast and multicast services. These services are already supported by TransPAC2 and will continue to be supported by TransPAC3 in a production, high-performance manner.

Dynamic Circuit Networking

TransPAC3 will support dynamic circuit networking capabilities in a production manner. TransPAC2 currently supports Internet2's DCN Pilot Service to interconnect across TransPAC2 with JGN2's dynamic circuit network service. Internet2's ION service (its dynamic circuit network service) is expected to be operated in production mode by October 2009 and we expect TransPAC3 to offer production support for interconnecting ION, ESnet's SDN, and other compatible dynamic circuit network services from the beginning of TransPAC3 operation.

PerfSONAR Measurement Framework

The TransPAC3 collaborators have experience with both the development and the deployment of network measurement and monitoring tools compatible with the perfSONAR measurement framework. Via the TransPAC2 project, IU and APAN have already jointly deployed perfSONAR-PS software in Los Angeles and Tokyo to support network measurements to and from the TransPAC2 network. This existing activity will be continued and extended in the TransPAC3 project. TransPAC3 expects to utilize the perfSONAR-PS package that Internet2 proposes in its IRNC: SP IRIS proposal to customize for IRNC projects.

As additional perfSONAR implementations are being actively deployed throughout Asia, TransPAC3 will provide essential perfSONAR compatible tools and data between those deployments and those on TransPAC3 and across US R&E networks such as ESnet and Internet2.