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100 Gbps transatlantic science trials workshop at SC13

When:     Monday, November 18th
Time:      1:00pm-5:00pm
Place:      Grand Hyatt Denver
               1750 Welton Street
               Denver, CO 80202-3999 US

Room:     Crystal Peak A
Map from SC13    

Attendee List

As data sizes continue to grow, domain scientists continue to struggle to make smart use of the high speed networks avialable to them. In support of this, the US National Science foundation has made three suppplemental awards in order to support advances in support for 100 gigabit networking. The three supplements are:

In support of these awards, we will be holding a half day workshop to discuss the probelms and capabilities of the 100G testbeds and application use. This workshop is open, but we request that you rsvp to jmschopf@iu.edu if you plan to attend.


1pm: Opening statement and introductions, Dr. Jennifer Schopf, IU

1:30: Experiences with the ESNet 100G Testbed, Brian Tierney, ESNet

2:00: Applications and their challenges  (Structured as: Experiences to date on prototyping 100 Gbps services, migrating to a wider range of services, additional challenges to be addressed.)

3:15: BREAK

3:30  Special Issues Related to 100 Gbps Networking

4:00 Concluding remarks and discussion

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Schopf (jmschopf@iu.edu).