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Bioinformatics Workshop - 2017
Where: IU China Gateway Office, Beijing, China
When: August 24-25, 2017

Indiana University, in conjunction with program partners Tsinghua University, Argonne National Lab, and CSTnet, is hosting a Bioinformatics workshop in Beijing, China this summer. This program will have a specific focus on precision medicine, bioinformatics/genomics and data science.

This will be the first in a series of workshops outside US that focuses specifically on bringing together domain researchers in those fields working in US, China, and other Asian countries to enable better collaboration and interface them with higher education technology experts including networking, storage and HPC disciplines that support these emerging research areas.

The workshop is geared towards the research and education community (universities, national labs and institutes, and potentially private entities who are working closely in support of these communities). It will bring together specialists in all these fields to discuss data intensive science, data mobility, and processing challenges, and to identify actions that can be taken in the next year or two to reduce big data barriers to scientific discovery in these fields and particularly to promote research collaborations between the US, China and other Asian countries.

Building on the very successful series of Cross-Connect workshops organized in the US by ESnet and co-sponsored by Indiana University, this workshop is the first international program. The last one, focusing on bioinformatics, is described here.

For further information, please contact Predrag Radulovic (pradulov@indiana.edu).