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Ed Moynihan

Ed Moynihan, Executive Director

Edward Moynihan is the Executive Director of International Networks at Indiana University. In this role, Moynihan leads the IN@IU team and serves as the Principal Investigator of both the NEA3R and TransPAC5 projects. Edward also works closely with IN@IU’s domestic and international partners to promote the effective use of international research networking resources and to deliver enhanced functionality to research collaborators and other R and E networking stakeholders.

Moynihan originally joined International Networks in 2017 as Principal Network Engagement Analyst. Supporting the NEA3R and TransPAC5 projects by working directly with scientists and researchers to help achieve better international file-transfer performance and to increase utilization of IU’s international research networking systems.

Prior to joining the IN@IU team, Moynihan led Global Programs at Internet2 and served as Co-Secretary of the Global Research and Education Networking CEO Forum.