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TransPAC2, the predecessor to TransPAC3, was a high-speed international Internet service connecting research and education networks in the Asia-Pacific region to those in the US. TransPAC2 furthered National Science Foundation (NSF) efforts to provide fundamental network infrastructure to support international e-science collaborations among researchers worldwide and was the 5-year continuation of the highly successful TransPAC project. TransPAC2 was part of the NSF’s International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program.

NSF's TransPAC2 award.

The primary goal of TransPAC2 was to increase research and educational (R/E) collaboration between the United States and Asia. To increase R/E collaboration, TransPAC2 deployed a secure, production-quality high-performance network infrastructure between Asia and the US and assisted our Asian partners in the deployment of high-performance infrastructure within Asia. The TransPAC2 Project provided documentation about how the TransPAC2 network could be used to further collaborations. TransPAC2 enhanced collaborations between US researchers and governments and Asian researchers and governments. TransPAC2 provided technical support for collaboration activities where requested.

Archived TransPAC2 news

13th January 2009
Highlights from the US-Pakistan R&E Network Initiative. 

A report submitted to the U.S. National Science Foundation highlighting goals from the US-Pakistan Research and Education Network initiative. 

Click here for the report.

30th October 2008
US-Pakistan International Research and Education Network connecting the Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) to global R&E networks now operational. 

This network connection represents a unique cooperation between the United States, Pakistan and the European Commission (EC). The physical network connection between Karachi and Singapore was co-funded by the US-NSF and the Pakistan-HEC. In Singapore the network connects to the TEIN2 point of presence and via the EC funded TEIN2 network and the NSF-funded TransPAC2 project--led by Indiana University--to the global research and education network. 

View the official press release from the NSF and Indiana University.

31st January 2008
IRNC Workshop Final Report has been posted.

12th January 2008
TransPAC2 annual report is now available here

TransPAC2 has completed its 3rd project year. Details and summaries of the project year 2007 can be found in the report.

1st October 2007
RENOG Meeting in San Diego at Fall Internet2 Members Meeting. 

1st October 2007
TransPAC2 Meeting in San Diego at Fall Internet2 Members Meeting. 

26th September 2007

The South Asia SIG's goal is to promote the growth of research networks in this part of the world. The site showcases curent and past events about the South Asia SIG and allow for collaboration between users via the mailing list.

4th May 2007 
South Asia Networking Workshop at the Spring 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting. 

This meeting was hosted by the Internet2 Special Interest Group on Emerging Research and Education Networks in conjunction with the Spring Internet2 Member Meeting. The meeting was organized in partnership with a wide range of organizations from the global research and education networking community with program leadership and financial support from the US National Science Foundation International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program through theTransPAC2 project (a project led by Indiana University). 

This planning meeting focused on issues related to the build out and interconnection of research and education networks within the countries of South Asia, between countries within the region and to other regions of the world - including connectivity to US research and education networks. The countries covered were: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Details of the Workshop including video can be found here

Presentations from the meeting

21st March 2007
TransPAC2 measurement systems summary now online.

6th January 2007 
IRNC Review TransPAC2 Workplan added.

12th September 2006 
Workplans have been updated.

Version 7.0 of the Engineering, Measurement, Security workplans, and version 2.0 of Applications workplan have arrived.

29th August 2006 
A *NEW* Section has been added under Statistics. 
Traffic Monitoring 

Query Arbor Networks' Peakflow SP to retrieve real time statistics about the TransPAC2 network.

11th April 2006 
TransPAC Final Report 2005 PDF

The final report for the TransPAC project is complete. The TransPAC project was up and running from 1997-2005. Read the report in PDF format.

24th January 2006 
TEIN2-TransPAC2 signing ceremony took place at the APAN-21 meeting in Tokyo, Japan. 

Dai Davies, representing DANTE and TEIN2 and James Williams representing TransPAC2, signed an Operational Agreement allowing TEIN2 partners to use TransPAC2 to exchange traffic with North American research networks and for back up to GÉANT2. Engineering details and implications of the agreement are outlined in the Engineering Workplan.

1st November 2005 
CANS 2005 
International NOC Cooperation Video presented by Jim Williams