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US-China Connection

Scientific collaboration between the US and China is substantial and growing.  However, it is clear that many of these projects would be greatly enhanced by the development of a direct high-performance network connection between the US and China.  To address this issue, Indiana University, with National Science Foundation support, and in cooperation in with its partners Internet2 and the CNGI initiative in China have funded a 10Gbps high-performance, dedicated research and education connection between the United States and China (between Los Angeles and Beijing specifically).

This project links CERNET, the Chinese university network and CSTNET, the Chinese Academy of Science network to US research and education networks including Internet2 and ESnet. It also provides US researchers and educators significantly improved data transfer and video conferencing capabilities to most universities, research centers and government laboratories in China.

In addition to the network infrastructure provided, the project will develop or increase combined US-China support for a variety of advanced network services including enhanced network measurement capabilities and tools, enhanced network security and development of  “direct connect vLAN services” between the US and China.

To the left are links to two press events regarding the US-China link, one in Washington, DC and one in Beijing.  Following those is a link to a traffic graph of the US-China network connection.