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The Networks for European, American, African, and Arctic Research (NEA3R) collaboration provides a powerful, cross organizational resource to provide services and bandwidth connecting researchers in the US with their counterparts in Europe, Africa, and the Arctic.

Indiana University (IU) will continue to work jointly with the Advance North Atlantic (ANA) consortium, which consists of CANARIE, ESnet, GÉANT, Internet2, NORDUnet, and SURF, along with African partner, the UbuntuNet Alliance. The project itself includes co-leads from GÉANT, NORDUnet, and the UbuntuNet Alliance. IU and its partners are eminently qualified to provide this service, and have a well-known history of successful networking partnerships in previous international networking projects. Through its extensive regional partnerships, NEA3R has the potential to reach R&E communities in over 80 countries across three continents.

 The NEA3R project supports a system of over 600 Gbps capacity in logical circuits that are provided by partners including GÉANT’s ANA link between New York and Paris, two NORDUnet links with endpoints in Amsterdam, one to Svalbard, Norway, and the other to Kajaani, Finland, and the UbuntuNet alliance link between London and Cape Town, South Africa. The project will additionally support advanced measurement and monitoring through NetSage, and the status of the NEA3R links can be seen here: http://nea3r.netsage.global.


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant No. 2028495