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US-India Workshop 1

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Indiana University, International Networking at Indiana University, Internet2 and the GLORIAD/Taj Project with funding from the US National Science Foundation, and ERNET India organized a “US-India Network Enabled Research Collaboration Workshop” which was held in New Delhi, India on December 5-7, 2010.

The workshop brought together networking experts and domain scientists from India and the US to provide an opportunity for:

  • scientists and researchers to understand the current state and future plans for networking and cyberinfrastructure in general in India and the US;
  • networking and cyberinfrastructure experts to understand the current state of, and future demand for, networking and cyberinfrastructure support for science and research collaborations between India and the US;
  • US and Indian researchers and their graduate students to establish and strengthen research relationships resulting in increased scientific collaboration between the two countries.

The two-day workshop was preceded by a day of tutorials that highlighted data-intensive research collaborations and tools. We welcomed speakers from a wide variety of science fields including geosciences, climate change, bioinformatics, astronomy and nanotechnology.

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