IU Networking at Indiana University
International Networking

IRNC 2015 Meeting

Date: 04-26-2015
Start time: 1:00 PM
End time: 5:00 PM
Location: Meeting Rooms 8/9, Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC Map

IRNC Program Overview by Kevin Thompson, NSF Program Director

Here are summaries of the the awards which have been made.  There are still addition IRNC 2015 Awards pending.


TransPAC4:  More than Just a Network
Dr. Jennifer Schopf, Director
International Networking, Indiana University

Building Network Expertise and Capactiy for International R&E Collaboration
Steven Huter, Director
Network Startup Resource Center, Oregon University

AmLight Express and Protect (ExP) and AntlanticWave-SDX
Julio Ibarra, Principle Investigator, AVP for Technology Augmented Research
Florida International Universtiy

AMIS: Software-Defined Privacy-Preserving Flow Measurement Instrument and Services
Yan Lou, Associate Professor
University of Massachusetts Lowell

RXP:  Startlight SDX A Software Defined Networking Exchange for Global Science Research and Education
Joe Mambretti, Director
International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern University

Dave Jent, AVP
GlobalNOC, Indiana University

SX-­TransPORT Support  & Pacific Islands  Research  &  Education  Network  (PIREN)
David Lassner, President
University of Hawai'i