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100 Gbps transatlantic science trials

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IN@IU has received a $600,000 supplement from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to provide engineering and application support and service development for a trial 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) network connection between the US and Europe.  This funding will enable network engineers and end-user scientists with large data flows to better understand how 100 Gbps circuits can be used effectively over such long distances.

This award is a supplement to the NSF America Connects to Europe (ACE) award (ACI-0962973), which involved work primarily with Internet2 and DANTE to support several production 10 Gbps links. The supplement will support domain science application use of a  new experimental, non-production 100 Gbps link is maintained by a consortium of partners, including the ACE partners as well as ESnet, CANARIE, SURFnet and NORDUnet. A broad set of application communities is anticipating the necessity of 100 Gbps networking to meet their science goals and big data needs. This project will specifically work with a variety of domain science applications, including physics, biogenomics, and astronomy, to better understand the adaptations needed for efficient use of these much larger networks. The project will provide recommendations for future production implementation and use of inter-continental 100 Gbps circuits.

Agenda and presentations from the November 18th Kickoff meeting, available HERE

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Schopf (jmschopf@indiana.edu).