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Networks are vital to research disciplines.  Collaboration and data mobility rely heavily on network infrastructure, and almost always cross administrative domains.  Ensuring that things are operating well, on an end-to-end basis, is critical.  Monitoring within a single domain is a common and accepted practice; cross-domain performance monitoring is difficult to do with traditional tools.  perfSONAR is a widely-deployed test and measurement infrastructure that is used by science networks and facilities around the world to monitor and ensure network performance.

Institutions investigating perfSONAR deployments both abroad and domestically are sometimes limited by resources, especially for larger first-time deployments. In other cases, it may be adventageous for organizations or persons to have access to low-cost or smaller nodes for use diagnostically. Small, low-cost nodes can be an answer. The links below may be of assistance when researching low-cost options for perfSONAR deployments.

Our 10G perfSONAR Testpoints

Small Nodes Links